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Good morning and welcome one the great days of the church year, the Sunday of the Passion: Palm Sunday. On Palm Sunday, also known as “The Sunday of the Passion” we both literally and figuratively begin to walk through Holy Week. The service begins away from the main sanctuary. The story of the Triumphal Entry is read, palm branches are blessed, and we recall Jesus’s entry into Jerusalem by carrying the palms, singing a hymn and walking in procession to the main doors of the church which become symbolically the gates of Jerusalem. Instead of a regular reading of the Gospel, members of the congregation take part in reading the story of the last few days of Jesus’s mortal life. We hope that wherever you are joining us from that you feel welcomed here at All Saints.

Whether you are a first-time visitor, long-time parishioner, or somewhere in between, we are honored and enriched by your on-line presence this morning, and offer you a sincere welcome home to this parish church. Although many of us we are physically apart, we are together in heart and mind. The tomb could not hold God’s Son, and our current situation cannot conquer his people. As we worship, we encourage you to join fully in the prayers and hymns and to share spiritually in the Holy Communion. If you are at home, sing out the great hymns of the Church and make the responses out loud. Should you be seeking a church to call your own, we hope that your search is over and that you will become a member of All Saints.

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Pledges during the Great Separation

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