Welcome to All Saints

Good morning and welcome to All Saints for the First Sunday in Lent. This morning begins unlike any other service during the church year as we process to the Great Litany. As we begin our observance of a Holy Lent, we invite you to be present in wherever you may be and to join in with the responses and hymns.

Whether you are a first-time visitor, long-time parishioner, or fall somewhere in between, we are honored and enriched by your presence in person or online for these services, and offer you a sincere welcome to this parish church.

Online Pledges

If your circumstances permit, please consider making a pledge to the mission and ministry of All Saints. You may do so by mail, or online. Simply click the donate button on the website. (Click Here)


Please leave us your feedback about today’s service livestream at webmaster@allsaintsepiscopalbayside.org.

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